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Byron Ellis has spent his entire life learning about money and discovering new ways to use it to do the things that people want to do. It is his life passion. He has been helping families with their Financial Life Management since 1989. He is a student, an educator, a coach, a counselor, and an expert…often all in one meeting. Byron and his team perform these services in their roles at United Capital. Constant improvement in all areas of life is what he lives by…and he may be able to help transfer some of that to you.

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Hi Friends!

Want to make smart decisions about money, create more balance in your life, discover secrets your financial advisor doesn’t want you to know, and, most importantly...take control of your future?

My name is Byron Ellis. For thirty years I’ve been teaching, coaching, and advising folks about money. I’m obsessed with reading, writing, learning, and everything in between…in order to achieve success. Not just with money, but in all areas of life!

Over the decades, I’ve uncovered the most powerful and effective tools: shortcuts, tips, techniques, and insights…and I want to share them with you!

But the first thing I want to share with you is a secret about myself.

When I do anything in life, I put 100% of myself into it, and money is no exception. As a boy, I read Money Magazine constantly. I wanted to learn everything I could about money. I loved the “Ask the Expert” section the most. For some reason, I figured out early that I was going to need money in life, and I wanted to be prepared!

So it wasn’t a surprise when I started a career as an advisor, not long after college. I had started a career in Corporate Oil & Gas that I thought was going to be my meal ticket, and within a year I realized…I hated it.

It wasn’t me. I wanted to push myself, take risks, and experience the rewards. That’s when it dawned on me. I could do all of those things by helping people with something that came naturally to me after all those years…their money!

Pretty soon, I realized I’d made the right decision. I loved it! Within a couple of years, my income grew substantially and I was just getting started. I married my college sweetheart, bought a house, had a daughter. Everything was great.

Except it wasn’t.

You see, I’d gotten so enthralled with success and so focused on being smart with my money and helping others do the same that I completely lost sight of the most important thing of all. What the money is for!

I had to be honest with myself. When I was home, I wasn’t really home. I mean, I was physically there, but my mind was at work. I hated it. And that’s when it hit me.

I needed to make a change. I needed to direct my energy, my drive for success, my desire to do more, into getting the most out of life, not just money. Of course, it helped to have a beautiful wife and amazing daughter to motivate me!

It took a while, but the change eventually took hold. I really overhauled the way that I thought about money. I did as much research, reading, coaching, and studying as I could. If I could boil all that down into one sentence, it would be this:

Decisions about money are not really about money at all; they’re about who and what you love.

I call it: “Doing Money Right.”

And that’s why I’ve created a whole website dedicated to Doing Money Right. Because it’s so much more than financial success. The deal is, unless you find that free ticket to the moon and use Skittles as currency…money and how to deal with it will be a big part of your life.

Either you learn to control your money, or your money will control you.

Mastering Doing Money Right can help you to do more in life, make better financial life decisions, and stay in control of your future…for the things that matter!

I’ll share what I’ve learned over three decades: life hacks, tips on health, goal setting, and life balance.

It is my life passion to ensure that I educate as many people as possible on mastering money the RIGHT way and planning for a carefree and active retirement.

Don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Your support means everything to me. Thank you.

Together, let’s master these things we call money and life.


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Our Approach to Money

A Unique Approach

We’ll take the time to get to know you and understand the life you want to live. With collaborative, engaging digital tools, we’ll work with you to create a clear framework for living your ideal life. The result is a plan that’s dynamic and personalized — not one-and-done or one-size-fits-all.

Real Results

We help you align your decision-making with your ideal life, so you can achieve balance —and a healthy relationship with your money. That means we go beyond investments and investment results to help you live the life you want today. After all, isn’t that what a wealth manager is for?

Financial Life Management

We’re not the typical wealth management firm. We looked around the industry and thought that there was a better way. So we created it. We developed a process that’s focused on helping you live your ideal life. One that continually adapts to the changing world and your changing circumstances. We call it Financial Life Management. And it’s totally unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


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We’ve stayed at some really cool places around the world using Airbnb as our guide to finding a unique destination.


This is now my go-to place for shopping. It’s almost too easy at times. I typically use the app…did you know you can take a picture of something you need and the app is smart enough to figure out what it is?

Dark Sky

This is one of the best weather applications that I’ve seen. Dark Sky gets very specific about how long inclement weather will last, or when it will start, and even notify you when it’s about to rain.


I use Evernote to save everything from meeting notes, to ideas that I think of, to conference information and just about everything else. I can clip from web pages, send an email, or insert directly from my iPhone.


I try to do five minutes of meditation a day (although that doesn’t always end up happening), and Headspace is my go-to website/app to get that done.


This is a great overall summary of what’s going on in the market and it allows you to drill down if you need to.


Who DOESN’T like Netflix?


Ever want to know if your internet is actually moving slow at your computer? Jump on and run a quick test to see how your internet speed is stacking up.


This is now my go-to music source. I pay for the premium service so I don’t have to listen to commercials. When I researched streaming music initially, Spotify had the highest quality streaming that was available. If quality sound is important to you, Spotify may be one of your best bets.


This is a great place to get motivated, to learn, and to be exposed to great things. I believe that by continually putting new and good stuff in your head, it helps push the bad stuff and limiting thoughts out.


I use a combination of the app and the website to hold the information for all of my trips. You can forward confirmations from flights, hotels, and car rentals into TripIt. And, it’s smart enough to build your itinerary while also including it all on your calendar for easy access. I then have my TripIt activities synced straight to my calendar so all changes are automatically updated as needed.

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Byron's Top 5 Favorite Books,
and why you should read them.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

This one book has literally changed my life the most of everything I’ve read. Stephen Covey didn’t create these ideas, he simply blended them together in a manner that made sense and was actionable. One of the things that I took away from this the most was how to continually look at the different roles that I play in life and focus on how to improve myself in these roles. This has helped me the most in keeping my life balanced.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This is one I try to reread every year. While it was written decades ago (and you can tell by the language and by what some call its “sexism”), it covers basic high-level financial success steps that everyone needs to follow. Things like saving automatically, giving away money, and the basics of allowing your money to work harder for you when you invest. A must-read for anybody that wants to make the proper financial decisions year in and year out.

The E-Myth & The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

Many business owners tend to focus too much on their craft and not enough on their business. The E-Myth taught me that the more I made myself obsolete in my own company, the better that company would be. This is a must-read for any business owner.

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

This, too, is a book written decades ago, and this one is even written in more “old English” type style than Think and Grow Rich. But, it reveals secrets to growing your personal wealth. I think it was originally written as separate pamphlets that were used by banks and insurance companies. Eventually, these pamphlets were bound together. It’s not a bad book despite it being written back in 1926.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Steve was a fascinating person with a love-hate relationship with people and most people have a love/hate relationship with him. This book holds nothing back. It talks about his good attributes, but also his bad. But, I felt like I learned a lot about his leadership, his creativity, and the way he stuck to his values.

The above book recommendations are provided for informational and educational use only. Doing Money Right and United Capital are not responsible for the content or information provided by these third-party authors. Some links on this website will direct you to third-party sites and are provided for informational and educational use only. Doing Money Right and United Capital are not responsible for the content or information provided by these third-party organizations.

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