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About Byron Ellis

My interest over my entire life has been to learn as much about money…or ways to use it to do the things that people want to do.  It is my life passion.  I believe money decisions are not really about money.  Instead, they are more about who and what you love.  I have been helping families with their Financial Life Management since 1989.  I am a student, an educator, a coach, counselor, and expert…often all in one meeting.  My wife and I have lived in The Woodlands, TX for several decades.

I educate others through a weekly financial column in The Villager and Courier, two local papers.  I continue my education by obtaining designations like CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, and CRPC®…all done in my quest to continue to learn.  I have used my financial acumen and leadership to help not only thousands of retirees, but also the community, as Chairman of the Board of the South Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Board for Leadership Montgomery County, Finance Committee Chair for the Montgomery County United Way Campaign, and more.

I have been recognized by publications such as Barron’s, Texas Monthly, and the Houston Business Journal. Others say that I can take complicated ideas and make them simple.  They say that I motivate people into action.  I have an energy and drive for life that is contagious.  Constant improvement in all areas of life is what I live by…and I may be able to help transfer some of that to you.



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Doing Money Right

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Educational services to help you make better money decisions.

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Investment Advisory services offered through United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC (“United Capital), a registered investment adviser. United Capital and DoingMoneyRight are separate and unrelated companies. The content of this website should not be relied upon to evaluate any potential transaction. United Capital is not giving tax, legal, investment advice by means of this website, and visiting this website does not establish a client relationship with United Capital. Advisory services only provided to investors who become clients of United Capital pursuant to a written agreement.

© 2017 Doing Money Right.

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