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How to Make Back-to-School Shopping Not a Nightmare…In 5 Easy Steps

By Byron Ellis August 7, 2018

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” -Oscar Wilde Meet the guy that actually looks forward to back-to-school shopping… Me! I know what you’re thinking…didn’t the last school year just end? Why is this guy talking about back-to-school already? And…he doesn’t really look forward to the shopping—does he? I do. Here’s why—My daughter and I, sometime when she was in elementary school, figured out how to take what’s usually a stressful ordeal…and turn it into fun! Those weekends became some of my most treasured times…
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6 Red Flags You’re About to Hire the Wrong Financial Advisor

By Byron Ellis July 31, 2018

My daughter is a college student. She’s also our only child. Take a guess what I spend a lot of time thinking about…not to mention talking with my wife about? Boyfriends. You had no problem answering that one, huh? I mean, we’ve all been there. One day our precious little child suddenly grows up overnight…and wants to bring a romantic interest home to meet Mom and Dad. What goes through your mind? “Oh my goodness, he better be nice. He better be normal. I better…
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Cut out the Avocado Toast

By Byron Ellis July 24, 2018

3 Steps to Reducing Unneeded Expenses When scanning the news headlines, I’ve noticed a common trend: people really like to bash millennials. Recently, the topic of discussion has been none other than… avocado toast. Wait, what? You heard me—the recent lament of economists has been that millennials are spending too much money on unimportant items, specifically avocado toast, and not on homes, cars, or savings. If you feel personally attacked when reading headlines like that, or if you think you could use some expense cutting…
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Don’t Do This If You Retire Early

By Byron Ellis July 17, 2018

So you are retiring early?  Congratulations.  If you are like many retirees, you have done a great job of saving into your company retirement plan and you now may have a problem…how to access those dollars and avoid any tax penalties. Be careful not to roll over your 401(k) too early! Overview of potential penalties: One of the advantages to saving into things like 401(k)s and IRAs is the possible tax deduction on the money going in and then the tax deferral as the accounts…
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The 4 Signs Your Financial Advisor May Not Be Worth the Money

By Byron Ellis July 3, 2018

Your financial advisor has an alphabet soup after his name. Decades of experience. Awards and recognition. And the corner office. It’s easy to understand why you think you should trust your advisor. Clearly he or she possesses knowledge and experience. And yet… You’ve got lingering doubts. Does he really understand me? Is she truly looking out for my best interests? Am I getting my money’s worth? Frustrating, huh? Here’s the problem: it’s not your fault. You followed all the rules in choosing and hiring your…
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