Beneficiary Basics That You Need to Know

The last time you set up a new account like an IRA or 401(k) you were asked to choose a beneficiary. You were most likely given a couple of standard options and you checked a box or two. Did you really know what you were doing and what that could mean for your money...

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Being a Millionaire Is Not What It Used to Be

Most of us at one time or the other have thought about being a millionaire. I remember decades ago being asked by a reporter if someone could retire comfortably on one million dollars. Back then I said it depends. I still say the same thing. It is estimated that 5-6%...

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The 4% Rule Is Dead

If you are nearing or in retirement you most likely have heard of the 4% Rule. This guide stemmed from a study done in 1994 that looked at historical returns of the market to determine the “safe” withdrawal percentage that one could pull out of a portfolio over a 30...

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Four Signs You Have a Bad Financial Advisor

You trust your financial advisor with some of your most important assets and your relationship is usually one of the closest professional relationships that you have. But did you stop to think what could happen if the advice you're getting isn't in your best interest?...

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The Social Security Basics You Need to Know

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with Social Security. We hate that we have been paying into the system our entire lives. We love that it almost feels like free money...even though we have paid into it our entire lives. So, what do you need to know about the...

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Items to Consider During Tax Season

As spring time gets closer and the threat of winter becomes less and less, the tax man approaches and you may be scrambling to make sure you have all of your financial information in order. While keeping good records is a big part of paying your taxes properly, there...

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Are You Doing What It Takes to Think Bigger?

Most of our brains are hardwired with self-limiting thoughts. Think about it: you come up with a great idea and all of a sudden, your brain gets flooded with reasons it won’t work. Some of us are better at coming up with these self-limiting ideas than others. Once all...

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The Story of How Mark Had His Down Payment Stolen

Mark had moved back to the states after working overseas for a stint with a major oil and gas company. He was literally starting over when it came to owning stuff. He needed to buy a house, a car, and furniture to fill that house. He had been smart about things and...

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